Choosing a Music School

As a parent, your children’s musical education is important! At the Austin Academy of Music, we know you want your child to enjoy learning music, be happy, and satisfied in being involved with a music school. Though it may seem like most music schools are alike, there are differences that make a huge difference in the quality of music lessons your child receives. This is why we want you to know about the four questions every parent should consider before deciding on a music school.

1. Are the Music Instructors Qualified?

When it comes to hiring instructors, we put our know-how and years of experience to work. We hire instructors who possess these three essential qualifications necessary to deliver superior lessons:

  • University trained.
  • Years of successful teaching experience.
  • A burning desire to share the joy of playing an instrument.

These qualifications create a learning atmosphere at our music school. the instructors on our staff have already proven their teaching skills at colleges and Universities, many are working on advanced degrees such as Masters or Doctoral at The University of Texas at Austin. Finally, we are very careful to hire only individuals that chose music education as their primary field of employment.

2) Does the School focus on Student needs?

The Austin Academy of Music is dedicated to music education, we do not sell or rent musical instruments, and we not distract our students with anything else. Our mission is to teach music to our students and that is our primary focal point. This single-minded purpose allows us to continually improve and perfect our music lessons. With our focus on one service, we deliver an unparalleled level of instruction. As such, our staff and our instructors are devoted to your child’s educational needs, directing their care and attention to providing your child an exceptional learning experience.

3) Will the Music School prepare each student for a Lifetime of Musical Enjoyment?

As a result of learning music at our schools, students develop a love for playing music. Many of our young students have a fantastic time in their school band, orchestra, and choir programs. Others students have found great joy in performing in religious groups and professional music ensembles. Some of our more advanced students have been accepted to prestigious music programs at The University of Texas College of Music, the University of North Texas, and the Berklee School of Music. Seniors have been able to achieve the lifelong goal of performing for their friends and families at our biannual recitals.

This love of playing music is essential to learning and to developing a life-long passion for music and for performing.

4) Can I get immediate Assistance and Service?

In many studios the teacher, and sometimes even the studio owner, conducts classes and also does the administration. By trying to do both jobs at once, the teacher uses precious class time for customer service issues. This steals away valuable learning time. At our music school, we have a qualified administrative staff on hand during all regular lesson times, so you can get immediate assistance without cutting into your child’s lesson time. Our friendly staff can help you with things such as scheduling or dropping off a student, even if a teacher is occupied in a lesson. We know you have a choice of where your child learns music, we provide superior service, single-minded focus on music education, and dedication to our students to ensure the best possible learning experience for your child, and for you.