Carlos Ufret

Guitar Lessons

Teaches: Wednesday

carlos ufret guitar lessons music schoolCarlos grew up in Puerto Rico, and was inspired to pursue music as a career from an early age. During his early years, Carlos enjoyed his fathers classical records, rock guitar artists and folk artists and the traditional music of Puerto Rico. During his high school years, Carlos played guitar in various hard rock and folk music bands, while also learning how to play guitar in the classical style.

Carlos holds a Bachelors degree in Music from the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music (CMPR). He graduated with honors in December 1998, and from that point through July 2000, taught guitar lessons at the CMPR’s Extension Program. He also holds a Master of Music degree from Indiana University (IU) School of Music in Bloomington, IN. During his years of study there, Carlos served as an associate instructor of guitar for IU’s guitar department, teaching guitar classes and lessons at all levels, including teaching undergraduate classical guitar majors and students minoring in jazz.

Throughout his years of study, Carlos has been chosen to play guitar in master classes for some of the most distinguished names in the classical guitar world, including Pepe Romero, Manuel Barrueco, William Kanengiser, and was the recipient of numerous awards and scholarships.

At Pfluger-Rock and Northwest School of Music, Carlos teaches various styles of guitar including rock, pop, acoustic folk, traditional Latin styles, bossa nova, classical, and many others using both note-reading and tablature. His greatest satisfaction in teaching guitar comes from witnessing his students happiness as they discover new things in music, and realize their own progress and potential.

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