Dolores Derksen

Piano and Violin Lessons

Teaches: Wed

cedar park violin lessons tutoringDolores has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Southern Methodist University, started violin study at age 5 in in Germany, and currently teaches piano and violin lessons serving Austin and Cedar Park.

At age 8, Delores moved to Texas and continued violin study for 10-years under Houston Symphony first violinist Sergei Galperin and student of famed Julliard, Dorothy Delay. She studied violin and music at Southern Methodist University under Emanuel Borok, former concertmaster of the Dallas Symphony. Dolores is also an advanced piano player and has studied under concert pianist and master piano teacher Dr. Saida Kafarova from 2010 to 2014 and under Dr. David Karp while attending Southern Methodist University.

Dolores earned the concertmaster position as a 6th grader in the Austin Youth Orchestra and won the 2014 Maurer Award. Over the past 10 years, Dolores has played in several orchestras, including Regional Orchestra (2008-2014), Austin Youth Orchestra (2008-2014), and Texas All-State Orchestra (2012-2014.) She was also the concertmaster of the top orchestra in the Austin Youth Orchestra in 2014.

In addition to teaching at The Northwest School of Music, Dolores teaches violin lessons in Cedar Park at McNeil high school and a private school in Austin. In her free time, Dolores likes to study foreign languages and draw.